Performance data

View a selection of customer generated performance data. See how the use of StoragePods overcame problems such as DMSO moisture absorption and provided improved storage conditions for compounds.

Roylan Devlopments Performance Data

AstraZeneca local compound storage

We would like to extend our thanks to Jack Dawson, Alex Donev and their employer AstraZeneca for allowing us to publish their paper, investigating the performance of StoragePods for compound storage. The StoragePod were seen to stop DMSO moisture absorption and big improvements in IC50 results were seen.

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MultiPod test and evaluation

This test data was obtained by one of our MultiPod users. The highlights of this data are:

  • 11 compounds tested in fresh DMSO, all stored in the MultiPod under nitrogen conditions.
  • No loss of purity (chemical degradation) or compound precipitation was seen over the test period (1 month).
  • 2 deliberately tested compounds with previously seen 1000 fold activity variability from 1 freeze thaw cycle, saw this variability disappear when stored in a MultiPod system.
  • When using the MultiPod for storage, the compounds were tracking the activity seen from freshly made up dry powdered compound.
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StoragePod compound activity

Customer Evaluation of StoragePod & MultiPod. Compound activity levels were well maintained when storing compounds in StoragePods.

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StoragePod ECHO microplate recovery

Use of StoragePods for ECHO Plate Recovery (removal of moisture from DMSO). ECHO® microplates were recovered from 70% to 95% DMSO purity levels in a single 24-hour recovery cycle using StoragePods.

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