StoragePod compound activity

Customer evaluation of StoragePod and MultiPod


Customer evaluation of activity by LCMS of two compounds stored under nitrogen (in StoragePods) compared against:

  • The same compounds made up from dry powder and new, 100% pure DMSO
  • The same compounds stored in a freezer
  • Historical LCMS data for the same compounds

The evaluation period ran over 40 days. The StoragePods were maintained at room temperature, removing the need for potentially damaging freeze/thaw cycles.



As can be seen from the above activity plots, the red line (StoragePod®) and black line (freshly made-up compound) were almost exactly the same. In comparison, the activity plots for the frozen storage and historical activity data were substantially different.

The customer concluded that StoragePods presented the best method for compound storage, removing up to 1,000-fold differences previously seen in IC50 data after just 5 days, also maintaining stock concentration and compound purity. Additionally, the need to freeze/thaw compounds was removed.

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