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Roylan Developments has been serving the pharmaceutical and biotech industries since 2008 as a developer and manufacturer of modular nitrogen compound storage systems, sometimes otherwise referred to as a nitrogen storage system or nitrogen desiccator system.

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Our StoragePod and MultiPod product lines have been proven to provide excellent compound storage conditions.

They stop the problems associated with moisture absorption into DMSO and the need for damaging freeze thaw cycles. Compound activity levels are very well maintained at room temperature conditions.

The modular nature of our storage systems provides starting options for the storage of a few tens of microplates or  icrotube racks at a low entry level cost.

Being modular our storage systems can scale up with the addition of more StoragePods to meet increasingly larger storage needs. For example, around 4,800 microplates (or an equivalent number of microtube racks) can be accommodated in a single MultiPod system.

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Example of installed StoragePod system

Labware storage applications

Labware storage applications include:

  • Microplate storage
  • ECHO microplate storage
  • Microtube storage
  • Sample tube storage
  • Sample rack storage
  • NMR tube rack storage
  • Deep well block storage

In fact, any SBS footprint labware can be accommodated into our StoragePod designs, thus offering a wide range of labware compatibility.

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DMSO and moisture absorption

In addition to meeting basic compound storage needs, our compound storage systems can be used to reverse the effects of DMSO moisture absorption. This is applicable for the recovery of microplates and other labware containing DMSO samples.

This recovery process is highly relevant to the storage and handling of acoustic dispenser (Beckman Coulter) EHCO® microplates. For example, a low dead volumes ECHO® microplate can be recovered from a starting 70% DMSO purity level up to a 95% purity level in a single 24-hour recovery cycle. This DMSO purification capability means that the use of StoragePods for sample recovery can significantly extend the life of ECHO microplates, saving significant cost and the time required to generate fresh microplates. Similar performance is seen with NMR tube rack recovery.

We are proud of our StoragePod and MultiPod compound storage systems and their proven track record of success in many different research settings.

We look forward to working with you should you choose to further investigate our compound storage systems.

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Installation example of full storagepod system

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