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Multipod controller units

The MultiPod controller

The MultiPod Controller features two different modes of operation for StoragePod nitrogen flushing.

Option 1

Single channel flushing of StoragePods. Flush StoragePods one at a time using a flush port on the front of the MultiPod Controller

Option 2

Permanently connect up to 20 San Francisco StoragePods to flush ports located at the rear of the MultiPod Controller. These StoragePods are continuously monitored by the MultiPod Controller and automatically flushed with nitrogen when required. San Francisco StoragePods hold 240 microplates each.

About the MultiPod controller


About the MultiPod Controller:
Our premium controller

  • Oxygen and humidity sensor based control
  • LCD interface control system
  • Permanent connection of up to 20 StoragePod boxes with automatic flushing
  • Very high-capacity storage (up to 4,800 shallow well plates)
  • Additional functionality included for one at a time flushing of StoragePod boxes
  • Width: 445mm
    Depth/Length: 495mm
    Height: 390mm

Catalogue No. SPOD0012

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Overview and advantages

The MultiPod system is intended for high-capacity compound storage requirements and those where constant monitoring and control of storage environments is desired. Compounds are stored within inert environment StoragePods, their conditions continuously and automatically monitored by the MultiPod Controller.

  • Modular design – Connect up to 20 San Francisco StoragePods
  • Active control – 24/7 monitoring of the connected StoragePod environments
  • Automatic operation – automatic re-flushing of StoragePods as required to maintain the storage environments
  • Flexibility – design architecture facilitates a wide variety of system/enclosure layout options
  • Safe compound delivery – flush portable Dundee StoragePods and use them for safe compound delivery
  • Low cost
  • Easy to implement and expand
  • Simple to use, safe and convenient to ship

A single MultiPod controller will support the permanent connection of up to 20 San Francisco StoragePods. Owing to the modular system design, the End User may implement the MultiPod controller with a single San Francisco StoragePod, then subsequently add more of these StoragePods as capacity requirements expand. A full sized MultiPod™ system with 20 San Francisco StoragePods has the capacity to store up to 4,800 shallow-well microplates.

The MultiPod controller is easy to use featuring an intuitive and simple user interface. In normal operation the End User need only ‘PAUSE’ and ‘START’ the MultiPod controller before and after accessing compounds within connected StoragePods. The MultiPod controller automatically detects those StoragePods that have been opened and automatically nitrogen flushes them, rapidly restoring the inert storage conditions.

For ultimate peace of mind, the MultiPod controller continuously monitors the connected StoragePods and top them up with nitrogen as required to maintain optimum storage conditions. Oxygen and humidity levels are continually tracked and alerts are presented to the End User in the event StoragePod enclosure conditions cannot be maintained.

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The StoragePod V2 controller

The StoragePod V2 Controller is compatible with all StoragePod designs. The V2 Controller is used in the following way as a single channel StoragePod nitrogen flushing system:

1 controller unit

The Controller is connected to a StoragePod using a flush tube set.

2 controller unit concept image

The user selects thresholds for oxygen and humidity.

3 repeat flush mode text on a green background

The Controller flushes the StoragePods with nitrogen until the set thresholds have been met.

4 controller unit concept

The Controller may now be disconnected from the StoragePod and used to nitrogen flush the next StoragePod in line.

About the V2 controller



  • Our entry-level Controller
  • Oxygen and humidity sensor based threshold control
  • LCD user interface control system
  • Nitrogen flushing is started manually
  • One at a time nitrogen flushing of StoragePods
  • Width: 250mm
    Depth/Length: 440mm
    Height: 380mm

The V2 controller is intended to flush StoragePods with nitrogen in a one at a time mode of operation. This is to say that a StoragePod is connected to the V2 Controller, flushed with nitrogen and then disconnected from the V2 Controller. The V2 Controller can then be used to flush the next available StoragePod. In this way a single V2 Controller can be used to support multiple StoragePods.

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