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Find out what our customers have to say about our microplate storage systems and our after sales support for these products.


When searching for an efficient and cost-effective compound storage solution, Roylan Developments came recommended. It was a pleasure to work with Stuart Naylor and the Roylan team and we could not be happier with our new MultiPod Storage Controller and San Francisco StoragePod.

The system was extremely easy to install and to configure, taking less than 30 mins total, and accessing it takes little to no effort. Additionally, the scalability is unmatched, with one MultiPod Controller operating up to 20 StoragePods.

We plan to use this system to store various lyophilized compounds as well as compounds in DMSO, and we will be expanding upon the number of StoragePods soon!

USA-based Life Science Company

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Our research facility focuses on high-throughput screening of compound library for drug discovery and repurposing to target cancers and microbial infections. The MultiPod system from Roylan offers a highly reliable solution for compound library storage. The MultiPod system has outstanding advantages in terms of capacity, minimal maintenance and easy set-up. The customer service provided by Roylan is direct and efficient. They offered immediate and courteous assistance to help us interpret the messages in the system and achieved a fast and timely delivery of a new replacement oxygen sensor.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Drug-discovery efforts in our laboratory focus on screening and development of small-molecule inhibitors that target HIV and cancer. Our efforts are often early-stage and we have little knowledge of compound stability both in solution and as powders to light, humidity, or oxygen. Therefore, protection of these valuable compounds is vital to our research efforts so that we know we are using our compounds in their most pure and uncompromised forms.

We have been using the San Francisco StoragePod from Roylan for several years and it has become a vital part of our laboratory’s drug library storage. We bank all of our solutions and powders in an easily accessed and organized way, the system is extremely easy to maintain, and with the few issues that have arisen, we have received prompt and courteous service, even from “across the pond”.

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

We acquired our MultiPod system for storing our compound libraries from Roylan in 2016. As a core facility at an academic institution, the MultiPod storage system was a great fit in terms of capacity, reliability, and price point. We originally acquired two San Francisco StoragePods, three Short Dundee StoragePods, and a controller unit for storing our DMSO-based compound libraries in Echo-formatted plates at room temperature. We also have a MiniPod controller in case we need to move compounds off site and which can serve as a backup controller if our MultiPod controller needs off-site service. The system has worked well for our compound storage needs and is very low maintenance. We trust that the integrity of our compounds will be preserved while in the storage system. The system has flexible capacity, and we recently capitalized on that flexibility to accommodate our growing compound collection. We acquired a Dundee StoragePod for DMSO flushing and an additional San Francisco StoragePod; the order was painless and the delivery was lightning fast. For service, Roylan has always been prompt, efficient, and economical. When we had an issue with low humidity in our lab causing a line flush time out, Roylan came up with a solution and were able to get our system serviced quickly.

The Chemical Biology platform at NCMM

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