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Product concept

1 concept image of an open StoragePod

Using SBS format labware, the user simply places their compounds inside a StoragePod.

2 Close up of StoragePod

The user now closes the StoragePod creating a hermetically sealed storage environment.

3 Storagepod system

The StoragePod is now flushed with nitrogen creating a dry, low oxygen and moisture content storage environment.

4 StoragePod product image

The storage environment is maintained until the user wishes to access to StoragePod to access the stored compounds.

5 Stacked modular compound storage

Different StoragePod designs are available. Owing to their modular design multiple StoragePods can be used and expanded to meet growing storage requirements.

A modular system

The above concept provides the user with a modular system, where StoragePods can be progressively added as storage needs grow. Customer experience has shown that moisture absorption into DMSO is prohibited when using StoragePods and the system can even be used to dry out moisture damaged DMSO. As a result the tendency for compounds to degrade or precipitate out of solution is substantially reduced and screening results are much improved.

A variety of different sized and shaped StoragePods are available to suit a wide range of storage requirements and applications.

Nitrogen flushing of the StoragePods is performed using a Controller unit. Single channel and multi-channel Controller options are available:

  • Single Channel – these flushing controllers are plugged into a StoragePod for flushing, and then disconnected once the flushing has completed. Thus, a single controller can be used to flush multiple StoragePods in a one-at-a-time approach. Take a look at our ‘StoragePodV2’ single-channel controller.
  • Multi Channel – these flushing controllers can be permanently connected to multiple StoragePods for automatic monitoring and flushing, providing total peace of mind safe storage. Take a look at our ‘MultiPod’ multi-channel controller.

With different product options/combinations, compound storage solutions can be provided for 30 to 4,800 shallow well microplates in a single system.

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Why StoragePod®

There are a number of reasons for using StoragePods for the safe storage of sensitive materials and small molecule compounds. The advantages are:

  • Quality of Storage
    Store compounds in an oxygen and moisture free environment, proven by customers to reduce compound degradation and improve screening results.

quality of storage graph

  • Moisture Removal From DMSO
    Reverse moisture damage by drying out DMSO. Proven to give great results when used for ECHO® microplate recovery. Recover microplates from 70% to 95% DMSO concentration levels in 24 hours.

DMSO concentration graph

  • Open Plate Storage
    Avoid the need to seal and unseal plates before and after processing. Store plates unsealed/open within StoragePods for short periods.
  • Modular
    Additional StoragePods can be purchased and added as and when storage requirements grow. Just buy them as they are needed.
  • Low Entry Level Cost
    StoragePod systems have a low entry cost, making them financially accessible to even the smallest of research operations.
  • Simplicity
    StoragePods and the Controller units are easy to use and have no moving parts to fail.
  • Delivery
    StoragePods can be used to transport and deliver compounds within research sites.
  • No Freeze/Thaw
    Freezing is no longer required avoiding damaging freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Labware Independent
    StoragePods are compatible with any SBS format labware (tubes or plates) and custom StoragePod designs are available upon request.
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Unlocking the power of StoragePod and MultiPod for microplate and microtube storage

Our StoragePod and MultiPod product lines have been proven to provide excellent compound storage conditions. We recognise the diverse needs of modern laboratories and research facilities. When it comes to organising and safeguarding your valuable compounds in microplates and microtubes, our StoragePod and MultiPod storage systems have been designed with this as a priority, having been proven to provide excellent compound storage conditions.

  • Optimal Storage Environment

Ensure the integrity of your samples over time. By using storage systems for your microplate storage or microtube storage, you can minimise the risks of degradation and avoid damaging free-thaw cycles, thanks to the low humidity and oxygen storage environment. By choosing a scalable, modular system like StoragePod and MultiPod, you are extending the longevity of your compounds and improving assay results.

  • Low Entry Level Cost

The modular nature of our storage systems provides starting options for the storage of a few tens of microplates or microtube racks at a low entry level cost.

  • Modular Flexibility and Scalability

No matter what your microplate storage requirements are, we’ve got the right size of StoragePod available, from 36-well microplate storage options to much larger units of up to 240 microplates. Being modular, once these StoragePods are full, you can then add more StoragePods to increase your storage capacity and protect your compounds. For example, up to 4,800 microplates (or an equivalent number of microtube racks) can be accommodated in a single MultiPod system.

  • Security and Accessibility

Our StoragePods can be opened in moments with easy-to-use latches, providing a secure storage environment that can be easily accessed.

In embracing microplate storage and microtube storage with our StoragePod and MultiPod storage systems, laboratories achieve storage benefits that will ultimately improve assay results.

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