MultiPod test and evaluation

Experiment 1 (Analytical)

  • 11 compounds formulated in fresh DMSO (10mM)
  • Plated in 96-well plate and sealed with aluminium foil and lid
  • Stored over a month:
    • at room temperature (drawer)
    • freezer
    • under inert atmosphere (POD)

Analyses by LCMS (at day 1, day 5 and day 30) showed :

  • No loss of compound observed through chemical degradation (i.e. purity stays the same)
  • No loss of compound observed through precipitation (i.e. same peak area=concentration stays the same)


Experiment 2 (Biology)

Customer’s summary

In summary, the POD showed that the concentration of our stock solutions did stay constant throughout the 40 day trial period and that the purity of the material was preserved.

From the biology side, we did previously experience for some compounds large variations of results depending on the handling history. The difference in IC50 between fresh stock and frozen stock could be 1000 fold even after 5 days in freezer (1 freeze-thaw cycle).

The POD showed that results were consistent between fresh stock and 40 days storage.

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