StoragePod ECHO microplate recovery

Use of StoragePods for ECHO Plate Recovery (removal of moisture from DMSO).
ECHO® microplates were recovered from 70% to 95% DMSO purity levels in a single 24-hour recovery cycle using StoragePods.


In this Customer evaluation, Dundee StoragePods® were used to recover ECHO® LDV microplates. Optimum results were achieved using 2 sources of sacrificial DMSO within a Dundee StoragePod® filled with 4 ECHO® microplates. DMSO concentrations were taken from ~71% to ~95% within a single 24-hour recovery cycle.



The Customer noted the powerful ECHO® microplate recovery capabilities of the StoragePods®. Allowing microplates to be quickly recovered and their lives to be significantly extended. This substantially reduced the need to dispose of and re-make microplates as often. Saving significant time/cost in both lab work and the cost of compounds.

Additionally, it was noted that compound solubility was improved with the ability to maintain higher DMSO concentrations. And thus, improved assay results were achieved.

The Customer now plans to apply this technique to the recovery of NMR tube racks containing (expensive) deuterated DMSO.

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