You can download various documents relating to StorgePod performance from this page. Please not that you will need a PDF reader such as Acrobat installed in order to read these documents one downloaded. To download just right click and 'save target as' on a PC while it's 'save link a's on a Mac.

  • Take a tour
    A selection of our favourite customer generated StoragePod performance data

  • Performance with low volume (labcyte ECHO) plates and Microclime lids
    This test data was obtained by a customer using the Labcyte ECHO and accompanying Labcyte low volume plates and lids. Rapid moisture absorption into the plates and DMSO MicroClimeâ„¢ lids was proving to be a problem for the customer. The test data indicated that the StoragePodTM was working so well that it even dried out moisture damaged DMSO/compound mixtures!

  • Local Compound Storage: Practical and Statistical Implications
    We would like to extend our thanks to Jack Dawson, Alex Donev and their employer AstraZeneca for allowing us to publish the following paper and the associated StoragePodTM performance data provided within it.

  • MultiPod Performance Data
    This test data was obtained by one of our MultiPod users. The highlights of this data are:
11 compounds tested in fresh DMSO, all stored in the MultiPod
under monitored dry nitrogen conditions
No loss of purity (chemical degradation) or compound precipitation over
the test period (1 month or so)
2 deliberately tested compounds with previously seen 1000 fold variability
(between being fresh and conditions then later removed from frozen storage)
saw the variability disappear
When using the MultiPod for storage, the compounds were tracking the activity
seen when used fresh, from a powdered state

What is the StoragePod intended to do? The StoragePod is the modular compound storage solution, designed to stop damaging exposure to moisture and oxygen when storing, handling and delivering small molecule compounds.

The StoragePod system was conceived to be low cost, modular, easy to use and one that could be applied as not only a device to maintain compounds during basic storage, but also maintain compounds during distribution and delivery between chemistry, storage and screening.

A StoragePod system is comprised of a desktop PC sized instrument and as many storage enclosures as the end user requires to meet their storage needs.

Compounds in SBS format plates or racks of tubes may be placed within the StoragePod Enclosures, which can be manually hermetically sealed in a matter of seconds. The StoragePod enclosures may then be connected to the StoragePod Station, which will flush the connected enclosure with inert gas (Nitrogen or Argon) until a user-defined level of nitrogen purity is reached.