a StoragePod in which moisture or oxygen sensitive materials (typically small molecule compounds in DMSO) are stored and

The above concept provides the user with a modular system, where StoragePods can be progressively added as storage needs grow. Customer experience has shown that moisture absorption into DMSO is prohibited when using StoragePods and the system can even be used to dry out moisture damaged DMSO. As a result the tendency for compounds to degrade or precipitate out of solution is substantially reduced and screening results are much improved.

Take a look at the excellent results obtained from some StoragePod customer evaluations.

A variety of different sized and shaped StoragePods are available to suit a wide range of storage requirements and applications. Take a look at our StoragePod range.

We have several controllers for purging StoragePods, which can be loosely group into two categories:

  • Single Channel – these purging controllers are plugged into a StoragePod for purging, and then disconnected once the purging has completed.    Thus a single controller can be used to purge multiple StoragePods in a one-at-a-time approach. Take a look at our ‘StoragePod V2’ and ‘MiniPod’    single-channel controllers.

  • Multi Channel – these purging controllers can be permanently connected to multiple StoragePods for automatic monitoring and purging, providing
       total peace of mind safe storage. Take a look at our ‘MultiPod’ multi-channel controller.

With different product options/combinations, compound storage solutions can be provided for 30 to 5,000 shallow well microplates in a single system