multipod product imageThere are a number of reasons for using StoragePods for the safe storage of sensitive materials and small molecule compounds. The below represents some of the more significant advantages:

Quality of Storage - Store compounds in an oxygen and moisture free environment, proven by customers to reduce compound degradation and improve screening results, see here

DMSO Drying – Reverse moisture damage by drying out DMSO with the dry StoragePod atmosphere see here

Open Plate Storage – Avoid the need to seal and unseal plates before and after processing. Yes, a number of our customers are storing their plates unsealed/open within their StoragePods, having dispensed with laborious & messy plate sealing/unsealing process steps and thus improving their productivity and workflow quite a bit!

Modular - Additional StoragePods can be acquired and added as and when your storage requirements grow. Just buy them as you need them.

Low Entry Level Cost – Our entry level StoragePod systems have a very cost, making them financially accessible to even the smallest of research operations

Simplicity – Our StoragePods and purging controllers are easy to use and have no moving parts to fail

Delivery – StoragePods can be used to transport and deliver compounds

No Freeze/Thaw - Freezing is no longer required avoiding damaging freeze-thaw cycles

Labware Independent – Our StoragePods are compatible with any SBS format labware (tubes or plates) and custom StoragePod designs are available upon request.