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Roylan Developments Ltd. is the developer, manufacturer and distributor of the proprietary StoragePod®, MultiPod® and MiniPod® product lines.

multipod product imageProduct innovation and international useage...
Our innovative, patented StoragePod®, MultiPod® and MiniPod® products are focused on the safe storage and handling of precious materials (including small molecule compounds) that will otherwise degrade in the presence of room air. Our products are designed to provide inert environment storage, based around a modular approach to facilitate easy expansion of storage capacity.

Our StoragePod®, MultiPod® and MiniPod® products have been installed internationally throughout a range of small to large Pharmaceutical companies, Biotechs and Academic laboratories. We take pride in an excellent product reliability record and excellent performance results in compound storage. Roylan Developments is a Stuart Naylor company, based in London, UK.

Stuart Naylor ...
Stuart Naylor has been involved in the design and commercialisation of automated compound storage systems, leading the commercial and technical efforts behind the two market leading automated small storage systems available today.

Stuart has held senior positions at TTP Labtech, ABgene (now ThermoFisher Scientific) and TekCel (now Hamilton Storage), as well as being a founding and active member of the European Laboratory Robotics Interest Group (ELRIG).

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